Tibetan Self-Determination Initiative

The Tibetan people’s right to self-determination has been recognized in United Nations treaties, declarations and resolutions and by governments and international organizations throughout the world.

The C100 is committed to advancing the Tibetan people's legitimate right to decide their own future consistent with the principle of self-determination. For more information see Tibetan Self-Determination.

Why Tibet? Project

The goals of the “Why Tibet?” project are to help keep the world’s attention focused on Tibet and to rebalance the public perception of the Tibet issue through the media of short YouTube videos in which people around the world say why Tibet matters to them and to humanity. For more information see Why Tibet? Project.

Tibet Documentation Project

The main goal of this project is to document the story of the survival of the early Tibetan refugees, the gradual rebuilding of their lives and the reestablishment of their cultural and religious institutions in exile. For more information see Tibet Documentation Project.

The Missing Peace Project

The C100 is co-sponsor and organizer of The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama, an international art exhibition and educational project celebrating and exploring the many paths to peace. For more information see The Missing Peace Project.

Tibet Central

For a continuously updated overview of the latest worldwide news, multimedia, blogs and social web activity about Tibet and the Tibetan people, visit the C100’s Tibet Central on Twitter, Facebook or Scoop It.

Social and Digital Media

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Working with other organizations

In addition to its own activities, the C100 endorses and contributes to the work of other key organizations supporting Tibet and the Tibetan people and whose goals align with that of the C100. For more information visit our Endorsements page.


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